Aquinas Institute's Opera Omnia Series


Series editor: John Mortensen

John Mortensen completed a doctorate in philosophy at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome and is currently working on his doctoral dissertation in theology. Dr. Mortensen's research has centered on Aquinas's doctrine of analogy, especially as it pertains to St. Thomas's account of the mystery of the Trinity and of the divine causality of human freedom. He specializes in the work of Aristotle and Aquinas, but his interests also include spiritual theology (above all in the Carmelite tradition) and Mariology.

About the series

Since 2008, the Aquinas Institute’s team of world-class scholars have undertaken the task of translating and publishing all the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas—many of which have never been translated into English.
Now, in collaboration with Emmaus Academic, the Aquinas Institute will continue this vital project.
Every Latin-English volume produced by the Aquinas Institute, including the full Summa Theologiae, is imitation leather bound and beautifully designed to last for generations. The Latin-English format makes the work of St. Thomas Aquinas more accessible to a broader audience than ever before.

Published or Forthcoming