Handbook of Catholic Dogmatics 1.1


By Matthias Joseph Scheeben
Translated by Michael J. Miller


Where and how do we encounter today God’s revelation made once-for-all in Christ Jesus? The answer to this urgent question is explored in Matthias Joseph Scheeben’s Handbook of Catholic Dogmatics, Book One: Theological Epistemology, Part One: The Objective Principles Of Theological Knowledge.
For the first time in English, the renowned German theologian’s Handbook of Catholic Dogmatics is now gradually appearing in an
unabridged format from Emmaus Academic, translated by the preeminent theological translator Michael J. Miller.
Scheeben, in this unabridged first part of a two-volume set, begins with a discussion of the nature and scope of dogmatic theology as a science. He treats divine revelation as the source of theological knowledge and as transmitted in Scripture and in the Apostolic Tradition.
Included in this volume is Scheeben’s essay, “The Objective Principles of Theological Knowledge.” Scheeben writes on faith in its source, contents, and handing on in the Church as it confronts the believer, eliciting his or her assent.
Emmaus Academic is thrilled to be publishing an unabridged English translation of the heretofore neglected theological treasure that is Scheeben’s Handbook of Catholic Dogmatics.