The Literal Exposition of Isaiah: A Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas

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Translated by Louis St. Hilaire

Available Fall 2019

St. Thomas Aquinas is best known today for his great work of systematic theology, the Summa Theologica, but the central task of the medieval theologian was the study of the Sacred Scriptures. As a “master of the sacred page,” St. Thomas produced many scriptural commentaries, which are increasingly recognized as central to understanding the rich biblical foundation of his theology.

The Literal Exposition of Isaiah is believed to be St. Thomas’s first major theological work, produced as part of his academic training as a bachelor of theology. In explaining the literal meaning of Isaiah’s prophecy, St. Thomas displays the depth of his knowledge of the Bible, using Scripture to shed light on Scripture and revealing how the history of Israel’s downfall and God’s promises of redemption points forward to the coming of the Christ.