O Lord, I Seek Your Countenance: Explorations and Discoveries in Pope Benedict XVI’s Theology

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By Fr. Emery de Gaál


Joseph Ratzinger’s / Pope Benedict XVI’s list of accomplishments is unparalleled in modern times—in both theological and academic terms. He held prestigious teaching positions in Europe’s finest universities.  He played a pivotal role in the deliberations of Vatican II and the formulation of its teachings. His theological publications number above fifteen hundred. And he served the Catholic Church as its Pontiff for eight years.

In O Lord, I Seek Your Countenance, Fr. Emery de Gaál contends that Ratzinger/ Benedict is reminiscent of a Church Father in his theological virtuosity. But beyond his brilliant intellect, Benedict’s deep Christ-centered spirituality is what gives life and verve to his academic pursuits.  Through essays that explore Benedict’s rich and varied theological thought and achievements, from the 1950s through his Jesus of Nazareth trilogy, de Gaál apprehends Ratzinger as a theologian with philosophical sensitivity whose insights have shaped and will continue to shape the course of Catholic theology for years to come.